Hi, I haven't been on UG in ages, but ive recently been very inspired to get back into music again. Ive been working on this song for the past week of so and I'm happy with how it has developed so far, haven't had anyone else hear it though so I thought I'd post it here for some opinions. This is just a very rough recording on my phone with plenty of mistakes, but you get the general idea of the song, I'm waiting for all my recording gear to be sent up to me so this will have to do for now.

hey dude,
I like your vocal style, even if its rough in the recording. I'm sure it'd sound better if you recorded the guitar and vocals separately and focused on them more. Anyway the song itself is pretty good, maybe a little acoustic solo or lead part would really make it shine. If your satisfied with it I'd go ahead and get it recorded with a bunch of parts put together. Reminds me of the Foo FIghters/ Pearl Jam a little bit. I liked your sound, feel free to critique a few of my songs if you want.