Hi all
I need buy another acoustic guitar to play music in my home (I don't make concerts or live music)
I have 400-500€ max budget and in my shop are only this models:
Fender T-BUCKET™ 400CE
Fender CD-140SCE

My seller want give me the last 2 models (Fender 140 and Ibanez 250ece) but i amn't sure what is the best for me.
He has also Ovation DJA34, Martin (too expensive), CORT L500F and other.
He haven't Yamaha guitars.

I Love pop music and i want best neck for make easy bars (F- F#, B, etc...)
first off, don't buy by brand - buy the one that sounds and feels best to you. there's no "best neck", as different people are comfortable with different ergonomics. take me, for example. i'm a 5'3" woman with small hands, yet i find a somewhat wider neck is much more comfortable for me to play, either picking or strumming, bar chords or classical. and more comfortable translates to playing easier and faster. others find a narrow neck much more comfortable, but i find a narrow neck is cramped and slows my playing.

that's why they make so many different guitars - because there is no one best guitar, either tonally or ergonomically. the best neck for me (which would have a 1 7/8" nut, somewhere between shallow and chunky but with a rounded shape) would be the worst guitar for someone else.

if you can go to the store, play 'em all, then come back later and play 'em all again.
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if you can go to the store, play 'em all, then come back later and play 'em all again.

Good advise right there
Second that. Go somewhere else too - the right guitar will find you.
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I can't go in the store because it is a online store .
I bought in thios store an outlet Eko mia but it has a problem and Eko can't repair it.
So or i wait months to buy another Eko or take another model
Good and doubt.
I decided at moment to buy Ibanez AW300ece but i can give other 90€ and choice the Simon &Patrick Songsmith without pickup-preamp.

Do you think that Simon will sound 10000 times better than Ibanez?