I was thinking about starting a jam studio business. It seems that where I live, there's not a single jam studio where bands could practice without having complaints on noise or loudness. Now comes the part where I need help. If I were to want to start such a business, what are the essentials? Lets say I have the building ready. There is space for three rooms and a front desk. From there on, what should I do to make sure all goes according to what a jamming studio should operate like. Thanks in advance.
There is an organization near me that provide small soundproofed rehersal rooms to a variety of bands. Each room has a cheap drumkit, a bass amp and bass, two guitar amps, two guitars, and a mic, pa and mixer. Most of the gear is a bit beat up and its pretty common to bring your own guitar and maybe amp head. It's affordable but they get money and grants from the state and they run it like a youth club thing. They also organise a large battle of the bands type event each year with different regions going on to national finals (the organisation has a setup in most big cities). they are pretty good at hooking up bands and people and arranging one-off nights and so on. I think thats a big part of the attraction, that the bands are working towards gigs and getting out and a bit of exposure, not just jamming in a dead end room, fun though it can be. If you want to run it as a business don't worry about the gear and rooms, its ALL about the networking.

Have you done ANY market research? Are there enough bands in your area to cover rent and gear replacement? Why has no one done this already? Thats sometimes a sign that its not viable. What grants and support money can you get for running community projects? Can you hook up with music teachers in your area and offer lessons? Can you get sponsership from your local music stores?

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I know one collective of guys who are 5 bands, who pool a lot of money and have gotten a big room. They've built a live room with all their gear, and a control room with pretty decent gear. They divide up the studio time between them and share the control room, and probably the gear too I guess. It's real nice and I'd love to be into that but there isn't enough serious people with that kinda cash in my social circles. It's blood' expensive when you aod in the costs of insurance, soundproofing, ventilation, etc and wha are you gonna do if a band bails or someone trashes the place, etc..
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A good PA is a must and a decent drum kit is a must for each room. Next I would say get a bass amp. The stuff that is a pain to lug places. Also mics, cables, guitar cabs, (maybe even amps themselves). Start small with one really nice room and work towards the others otherwise you will be out wayyy to much money.

I work at a studio that also does rehearsals. We have 2 rooms fully equipped. A large room with 4x12's and two heads, a full bass rig, full drum kit, and a nice PA. The smaller room is loaded with 2x12s and a 2x10 for bass. It also has a full drum kits and slightly quieter PA.
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