Hi, I'm about to get my first high-end(tube) amp and I want something versatile that will sound good, something reliable and not too big.

I like all kinds of music...from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson to ZZ Top, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, Megadeth. My only concern about the Carvin amp is its name. Vintage. Will it be able to handle more high-gain stuff, like I mentioned? I really want to have a versatile amp. I chose this particular Carvin amp because I like simple stuff. Not too many knobs and buttons. So these two fit the category. The Engl amp is the same in terms of simplicity.

The Carvin has a reverb function over the Engl, but I have a Boss RV-5 pedal and I won't use the one on Carvin, so this aspect is not important to me.

If you have any other suggestions, please offer them. But I'm not interested in anything from Fender or Marshall(I had these brands in the past, solid state amps and they had problems, so I swore to myself I won't buy anything from these companies ever again).

Which one should I go for? Thank you
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The Nomad has nothing to do with Vintage. Yeah, I know they call it part of their Vintage series and show it in tweed, but it's a helluvan amp. I have the Belair (the 2x12 version) loaded with a pair of broken-in V30's.

The Soak (gain) channel was designed with Allan Holdsworth, so if you're going to do Eric Johnson, you're right on the money. It's actually pretty smooth. The cleans are gorgeous.

And it's loud. There's pretty much no gigging situation that can't be handled with one of these. The reverb is a pretty decent spring loaded box, btw.

You should know that there are mods available for this amp (the .pdf files are free and it's not difficult for a decent tech to accomplish). Google Hasserl Mods. I was lucky enough to have the designer of these mods live within driving distance, and he did mine himself. They're so good that some folks on the Carvin forums think they should become standard in the design of the amp. I have the Stage II mods done on my amp.
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