Hey there!

My bassist is looking to get a new amp. He's current using a Roland Bass Cube type thing. It's okay but it's limited.

He wants a new amp to improve his tone! We're an originals band first that does some covers shows for money and experience and we've got a few outdoor events that we're doing. Nothing huge but we need to be able to push a decent amount of volume.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm good with guitar stuff but I have no idea what to suggest for the Bass side of things.

Budget: £500 max. Used is fine.
Style: Rock/blues/funk/indie.
Location UK.

Thanks for looking!
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For that price he should be able to find a decent used Ampeg.

Amp or Cab maybe, but not both together.

Can't really offer much advice without knowing what sort of tone he's going to be looking for.
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I guess a Flea like tone would be a good start.

We're kind of like a heavier early Chillis meets QOTSA. He's been playing for a few years and he's doing well but he's somewhat new to the gear side of things so some suggestions would be a good start.

If someone wanted a rock tone I'd point them towards a Marshall DSL50 or a JCM800, maybe a Rockerverb. If they wanted great cleans a Twin or a ToneKing etc. there must be some Bass gold standards that we can look at?
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Amp or Cab maybe, but not both together.

Combos exist. They’re not incredibly common like used SVTs, but they’re out there.
So what model are we talking here then?

SVT? Supra Ventricular Tachycardia? Sounds... Brutal.
Well; Flea has long used and endorsed GK amplifiers, so a used GK amp would be a good place to start. Stay away from GK's Backline series - they have had serious QC issues. You might find a used GK 700RB head and a good 2x10" cabinet in your price range.
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So what model are we talking here then?

SVT? Supra Ventricular Tachycardia? Sounds... Brutal.

The Ampeg SVT (CL and Heritage) is one of the gold standards of the bass world. It's an iconic head and the most prominent example of an all-tube bass head. They're also heavy as all hell, and extremely expensive. Not something your bassist should be looking at unless he has big bucks to spend.

And don't even bother with the Ampeg combos. You can get more bang for your buck and get more of the sound your after elsewhere.
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Quote by jpnyc
Combos exist. They’re not incredibly common like used SVTs, but they’re out there.

Well, Tostitos has already covered it, but an Ampeg combo isn't worth the money (unless you're spending a fortune on a B15, anyway).

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Thanks. Elsewhere in what? Some more suggestions would be great.

As has been mentioned, check out the Gallien Kruger gear. It's what Flea uses, so if that's the ballpark you're looking for, it's not a bad place to start (although most of Flea's tone just comes from his playing style and a load of compression).

Another option would be to go for some sort of powered speaker cabinet/monitor (make sure it's able to deal with low frequencies, it will need a heavy duty woofer) and pick up a Sansamp VT or Sansamp Bass Driver pedal.

The best thing at this stage would be to get to your local store and try out some gear. I can tell you what to try and avoid; Behringer (in general, when it comes to amps), the GK Backline gear, lower end Ampeg stuff, and the Marshall MB amps covers most of the prime suspects.
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Since you are based in the UK I'd go on the basschat forum where there is a good selection of used gear in the ads section. You should have a decent choice of quite good gear for your money. Peavey bass gear is under-rated and under priced second hand so you could get great value for money. GK is good value at the moment, I use Hartke and you ought to look at Ashdown too.

Your bassist should be doing the research, and trying things out.
you're in luck, I'm selling a Trace Elliot Series 6 Gp7 amp. It's a great sound and for the money I don't think you'd do better. Although you might want something with a bit ore power, it puts out 300w fine though.
Just a thought if you're interested.