Okay guys, so I'm getting rid of some of my guitars and moving down to 2 electrical. One of them will be my great washburn idol. And the other will be something I don't own yet. I live in west Virginia and my only option is online shopping. I play for letterswv.bandcamp.com so everything from funk cleans to medium to high gain crunch. I want to spend under 500 and have something nice, even less if possible. I want something that I can record and play live with and be happy with. I have bigger hands so a chunky neck would be nice. Ive considered squire vm Cv fender modern player, agile, xaviere and some others, what do you guys think I should buy?
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Baja telecaster if your willing to spend about $100 dollars more or you could look at the used market, very chunky neck and greart range of tones.
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I like some of those guitars, but still haven't chosen anything. I like the god in session with the HSS setup. Baja teles are cool but pricey.