That's a lot of M's in the title. So I spent my entire day making this medley type of thing. Sorry if the transitions sound really half assed. It was pretty difficult to finish but I did it lol. Check it out of you wish. Leave me some feedback and I will gladly C4C


The songs used in the medley are Wood Man's Theme, Dr. Wily's Castle Theme, Mega Man 2 intro and title theme.

EDIT: I figure I would give some more info about this song. This is my second attempt at using synths and keyboard stuff. I don't have access to very many vsts or even a real keyboard. If you could give me some advice on how to better mix keyboards with metal, that would be really helpful. I'm just not sure if I'm doing a good job or not. Can't think of anything else so... yeah :P

Thanks for the listen!
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