Something I finally got around to finishing. A mid paced doom jam that revolves around pretty much just one riff. The mix still needs a bit of work, but I think my recording chops are finally getting somewhere. Very curious to hear how the Bass is translating to other systems.



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I don't usually listen to this genre, but i'd say it's well-done for the genre. Very heavy guitar riffs and that bass tone backing them sounds really good. I think some parts are a bit out of sync with the drums, but not too noticeable. Think it would be better if the guitars had a much clearer sound to them. The leads could be played better, but this is a bit 'droney', so there isn't all too much going on in the track. I love the bass sound at the 7-min mark.

The song should be a bit shorter, because up until said 7-min mark, it's way too repetitive for my taste. It's a good song though. The voice at the end of the track made the song more interesting and brings another characteristic into play.

C4C? Not as heavy sounding as your track, but would be much appreciated.
Already liking the thick fuzzy tone. The riff is pretty sweet too. Definetely what you'd expect from the genre and you did a good job of replicating it. Loving the trippiness to this song.

I think you'll find were into the same type of genre. Just finished a stoner rock song you might appreciate.
Hey, commenting as I listen.

About 20 seconds in and wondering what the hell I'm listening to.
Must say, I do like that low-down main riff you've got playing there until 1.20.

Funny you should mention the bass - I can barely hear it on my system, which isn't terribly bad. Unless what I'm hearing isn't a low-down guitar, and is in fact a bass.

I like the riff though, which this entire track centers around, not overly keen on the drumming, glad that it's mixed quite low in the background as it's generic and basically does the same thing the entire time.

"Stoner Doom" is an entirely appropriate genre for this song, and you've achieved what you set out to perfectly.
For me, I found it hard listening to essentially the same thing for 9 minutes straight, but I did it, and it wasn't completely terrible. It's just not something I would willingly do too many times.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1632815
i'll start by saying that this isn't my kind of genre.

the inconsistencies in tempo are kinda distracting to me.

unfortunately, i'm not at home listening on my best system, but i can hear the bass pretty clearly on my headphones. it certainly has that doom sound. the mix is great to me, it sounds like what i would expect from a stoner doom song.

i do like the atmospheric quality of the whole thing, i found it pretty entertaining. the ending with the noises and vocals were great. but at the very ending, are those sex noises? that seemed a little out of place. guitar leads fit fine, nothing overdone.
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I commend anyone who listened through it all the way. I expected most people would skip around as it is a long song. The guitars and bass are tuned down to B, and the drums were done by me on my brother's electronic drum kit. I'm not a very good drummer yet and the mix is not very drum friendly, a nasty habit as a guitarist/bassist.

It's good to hear that the criticism is more directed at the genre than my particular effort, I realize very few people are eager to hear the same riff for minutes on end. crits to come.
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No because a world full of marbles silly man is just as real as a half empty glass of microwaved nesquik.