I had a question about channel jumping or blending channels with the 2010 Vox AC30C2. Since the blending switch and functionality of the CC2 have been removed in the C2, I'm assuming an ABY switch or using instrument cables would give similar results? Question is, I was recommended to plug the jump cable into the Top Boost (TB) low and the Normal (N) high, then the guitar into the TB high. I'm guessing this is supposed to have the normal channel driving the TB? And what if I put the jump cable into the TB H and the N H, and the guitar into either of the lows, will the channels still be blended? Would I ever want the TB channel driving the N channel? What would be different if I put the jump cable in the TBH and the NL and the guitar into the TBL? Would the ABY switch be any different tone wise or be better in any way than using the jump cable?
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Using a cable between TB and N channels will blend them, yes. Works in any combination. Whichever combination sounds best to you is the right one.

However, you don't have one channel driving the other when you do this. When blending/jumping channels, they're simply both in use. All that's happening is that the two inputs on each channel (high/low) are in parallel with each other, so all you are doing is splitting the signal using the other parallel jack. After splitting it, you can plug it into whatever you want - another amp, a recording desk, or either input on the other channel. Perhaps you can see how each input combination would differ, then. You're just using the normal/high inputs in whatever combination sounds best to you.

An ABY switch would be nice since it would let you footswitch the inputs; you could use either channel separately, or both together. You can get the same effect from patch cables, but obviously it's a slower process to switch between them. So an ABY can be a good thing to have for convenience.