Hi guys,
I own a fender hot rod deluxe and I am looking at replacing the preamp tubes.
I recently switched out the power tubes from groove to tung sol and am very pleased with the improvement of tone.
I have never tried any tube other than groove tubes for preamp section as they came stock in this amp and they are all L&M have in stock ever, so I need a point in the right direction, as testing means buying and hoping...
I am not exactly sure how the preamp tubes in this amp affect tone, but Im looking for tubes with a full tone, no huge emphasis on any frequency, just all around frequency response.
Little bit about my gear (if needed), main axes are a gibson sg special, replaced the humbuckers with p94s, and a hagstrom deuce f. I run the clean channel at all times with a VS route 808.
JJ's are kinda the standard. I've used a JJ 12at7 in v1 in my amps for less gain and or fizz but recently I've been really impressed with old ge12ax7's. I tried an old rca 12ax7 but it wasn't as impressive.

Just try a bunch, there cheap enough and distinct enough to be collectable.

Edit: I have very little experience testing different tubes in different amps, just sharing my tiny perspective.
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