I spent months working on this song, adding and taking away parts, adjusting the sound and organizing the parts. Now I can finally say I finished it and start my next project. The song above is my contribution to desert rock. The quality isn't what I'd like it to be since I recorded this on Garageband through an iPad but I'm glad all the parts are there. I'll gladly C4C as I would love to receive some feedback on this song. Thanks.
Hey, commenting as I listen..

The riff at the start is great, a little messy when the other guitar comes in, but no biggie, still sounds good.
Those are fake drums yeah?

I don't know what the heck "Desert Rock" is though, so I can't tell you if you've fulfilled that dream or not.

I like the change at 1.41, that's great. Has a mad 70's rock vibe to it.
The change at 2.51 was cool too, went into like what I imagine Muse would be like if they were playing in the 70's.

Overall, I have to say there is one sound effect that's on that second guitar the whole song that I really don't like, it almost reminds of like, static on the TV (back in the analogue days).

You've got some great melodies here though man, sounds great.
Funny you should mention "desert rock", sounds to me like it's closer to surf rock (that main riff anyway), you'd think that's the exact opposite of what you were trying to achieve, unless you're from the Kimberley??

Cool last 10 or so seconds.

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Just to clarify, the 70's feel and static are what kinda makes the genre. The static may be due more to the quality tho. Anyway desert/stoner/fuzz rock basically is 70's rock. It's a combination of early heavy metal like Black Sabbath combined with psych rock elements of say Jimi Hendrix or early psychedelic bands. A modern example of the genre could be summed up by listening to Queens of the Stone Age if you haven't already. Thanks again for the review!
Thanks for the feedback!!
Digging the intro and the sound of the bass is uber beefy and dirty in the best way. The change around 2:00 is muy delicioso, nice job. Over all the whole song flows really well there isn't anything i'd change besides maybe adding vocals because all it's missing is Josh Homme's voice and you got yourself a QOTSA song lol
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Reminds me of early kyuss and karma to burn.

Pretty good.
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really like the strong bass tone and the driving rhythm. the fuzzy guitar tone also fits nicely. cool harmonies starting at around 1:35. 2:05 sorta came out of nowhere but it was a nice twist. great songwriting, i like the calm break in the middle, the bassline is catchy. in fact i love the bass through the whole song, it's certainly the standout for me.

i wasn't familiar with "desert rock" before, but if this song is any indication, i'm a fan of it now. great songwriting. i could go with or without vocals, it has enough going on as it is.

why does it seem to be in mono though? i feel like the mix could use a bit more work.

*btw, you asked what tuning my song was in - it was a 7 string, B standard.
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The timing on the bass riff sounds better once the drums kick in. I do like the bass riff after the drums start, though the playing could still be tighter at times (includes guitar). I like most of the guitar riffs. The drums are fine. I like the synth(s). Some good vocals wouldn't hurt. I don't recall hearing of desert rock either. Sounds mostly 70's to me (fine by me). Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

Dude this is pretty sick. I think the rhythm guitar sounds a little muddy though / needs to be cleaned up rhythmically at times. But I really like the old school feel and dirty sound. It's pretty sick. And the leads are great too! I found a couple spots where you resolved to what sounded like some avoid notes to me so that's one thing I would revise if I were you.

But damn I can just see this song in a movie or at a cool bar or something haha nice work dude
Hey man! That's some nice work! I specially like the lead voicings , and despite some of the comments here, i like your rhythm ! i can't imagine how this would sound with real drums, and some actual gear instead of garageband , i vote gear next up on your bucketlist. Keep it up!
Sick fuzzy bass riff, maybe a little loose but the riff itself is great.
The guitars sick too it blends really well with the bass to make a fat fuzzy monster.
There are a few timing issues here and there, but the riffs still come across great.

Maybe consider the flow and cohesion of the song? The song sections are a bit undefined and blend together a bit too easily.

The bridge is awesome, really like everything from then onwards, especially the headbanging riff at 4:20 (blaze it)

I know the beat is programmed but I feel it could be louder in the mix and more driving. Also the beat that comes in around 40 secs isn't really driving enough, maybe use some open hats and pump the beat up enough.

Tighten up the end a bit maybe too, but yeah this has a lot of sick riffs in it man! really rocking