Hello, UG Community.

I play in a metal-band, named Hubble +21.

For starters, the "+21" part is silent; you just say "Hubble".

The band itself simply started as a duo between our lead Guitarist and Drummer. And then they expanded, adding me and two others.

All of us are from different musical backgrounds.


Sveinar Edvardsen (Lead Guitar)
-Thrash and Prog background

Martin Mikalsen (Drums)
-Punk and Pop-Punk background

Jonas Halvari Hansen (Rhythm Guitar) (Me)
-NWOBHM background

Kevin Katcpar Majewski Pettersen (Bass)
-Funk Background

Daniel Abraxas Mathisen (Vocals)
-Death metal and Black metal background

And what is the result?
Apparently, some music even In Flames likes (according to our vocalist, who has been in contact with them)

After our vocalist joined, we've been in contact with In Flames, and Smash Into Pieces are considering us as a support band for them during their Scandinavia Tour.

Some Links, to our facebook, and from our latest show (UKM, culture show in Norway):

Hubble +21 on facebook

Eurabian Night Live @ UKM Fredrikstad

(Note: On our facebook, some of the posts are in norwegian, because we are norwegian ourselves)
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