My birthday is coming up and I'm buying myself a guitar but can't decide....
The three guitars I'm deciding between are : 1- epiphone thunderhorse
2- epiphone les Paul Matt Heafy signature
3- prs se 245

Don't compare the prices because money is not an option

I'm mostly drawn to the epiphone les paul because it has an ebony fingerboard
I'm mostly drawn to the epiphone thunderhorse because I'm an explorer *****
I'm mostly drawn to the prs se because it's a smaller version of a les paul and feels amazing

Thanks for your help, in advance!
The Epi also has the Axcess style neck heel. You won't realize how much of a difference that makes until you play it, but you'll mainly notice it if you play on the upper frets.
I have had a C1, a few jacksons and a few Ibanez. I loved the C1 but it does feel slower with the fatter neck. My first choice for a shredder would be an Ibanez RG series (RG520). One of the jacksons I had was real nice but I don't remember the model.
does it have to be one of those 3, or would you like some more recommendations?

Out of those 3, i'd pick a thunderhorse explorer. If not just because it's an explorer, it's because i love dethklok all to hell.

I haven't played any of them, but if i just had to pick one at random

srs tho, if you're willing to expand, i'm always happy to recommend a few guitars
ayy lmao
I love the epi lps with the speedtaper neck
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I'd go for the PRS in a heartbeat. Never tried an Epiphone that was better built than any of the PRS guitars (SE-series models included) i played.
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