I'm getting a new guitar and well i wanna learn some tips or suggestion to maintain it. I live near a beach so there is a lot of salitre in the air. Also live in a tropical area so it's hot too. Hope to get some tips xD
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Keep it in the case and out of the sun. Do NOT leave it on a stand or on a guitar hanger.
Wipe it down (including the strings) immediately after you use it. Wax the guitar using a pure carnauba wax (include the metal parts, of course).

Toss a VCI into your case with your guitar and swap it out about once a year (http://www.theruststore.com/Bull-Frog-Emitter-Cup-P24C12.aspx ). A VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) will help your strings last longer, and it will help prevent corrosion on your hardware and in your pickups. Almost a must in your environment.

Put a piece of plastic between your strings and your frets when you put the guitar in the case. ESP ships some of its guitars with a fretboard protector; most people toss these things. But when you put the guitar in the case, the strings are usually mashed down onto the frets. This does two things; increases fret and string wear and sets up a circuit that can be completed by salt air. You'll find your frets dulling and turning green more often and you'll see your strings degrading (and you'll be contributing to divots in your frets, particularly where the wound strings live). Moving the guitar in the case will cause your strings to grind against the frets unless you've got the protector in place. Plastic is better than cloth.
+1 on wiping it down after use...the rest is good info too but its amazing how much grime an corrosion just touching the thing will cause.....and as my motto goes..."keep it safe, keep it in it's case"

....oh and not that it has anything to do with maintenance but invest in straplocks.....broke necks and large dents suck!!
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