So i'm building a 3 humbucker les paul, and i'll be using a 6 position switch from free-way along with one of their wiring diagrams:


I'm using the second one down w/ 3 volume and a master tone P/P to turn on all 3 pickups. The thing im having trouble with is, in the notes on the wiring diagram, it says "for humbucker guitars middle pickup is normally reverse phase". Now i understand why this would be, to get the hum-cancelling in the positions with the neck + middle or bridge +middle, but i was under the impression that a humbucker is hum-cancelling by design? does this mean i just have to switch the leads on the middle humbucker when i'm wiring everything? or does the wiring diagram assume this? any help would be greatly appreciated
The diagram you're looking at is for 3 single coils, so ignore that line about the reverse phase, which is wrong anyway (usually in phase, but RWRP).

You can use that diagram with HHH, but do not reverse the middle or it will be out of phase and very thin sounding. If your HB's have 4 conductors, just solder and insulate the middle pair on each.

Good luck with the Free-way. I liked the idea, but mine was unreliable in the neck position and I had to jiggle it to get it to work half of the time. Returned it for a replacement, but have not installed it.