more electronic stuff. mix is much cleaner than my last (other than the parts near the end that are distorted/bitcrushed/limited all to fuck). still not the greatest - but i feel i'm improving.

it's more structured as well, tried to bring in layering to add some interest throughout, but i need to adjust the drums in certain areas because they're a bit too loud in the mix.

i could go on and on, but another thing - what i tried to do at middle/end parts is emulate a live drum kit. i feel it gives some nice boomy chaos and movement.

the whole things' really *only* 8-10 minutes, it says 16, but i have a tapey/reversed sounding bit that repeats for a while since it's gonna be a finale/end of sorts.

link: www.carcrashmathematics.bandcamp.com (will be featured track)

C4C, and thanks in advance.

finally: this song is dedicated to the datura.
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