Hey guys, I got a wild hair to start building guitars, and I need a good base to work off of. I know the basic essentials, but I need some help in knowing which equipment is most cost-effective, what big, expensive tools can be substituted with cheaper ones and a bit of patience, etc.

For the time being, I will have about $1000 to use for this, but the catch is, I have to use it on Amazon, as I set up my tax refund to go on an Amazon gift card (couldn't pass up that extra 5%!).

Extra-credit question: In the long run, I do intend to turn this into more than just a hobby. How profitable is lutherie on average?

Not looking to get rich, but if I could eventually quit my factory job, life would be good...
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Nut files, fret slot saw, router, drill press. Just a couple things off the top of my head.
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i would recommend a jointer an a planner. While there are some rather nice jigs that can replace the jointer to some degree, once you use one, you don't know how you ever worked without one. That and my lie-nielsen block plane are my favorite tools in my shop.

also, a spindle sander is nice.

post links of what you want to buy, some of us may have experience or read enough horror stories on this and woodworking forums to tell you to stay away or an alternative.

also, what tools do you own now?
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Okay, would THIS jointer/planer do the trick?

I have THIS router table combo and THIS belt sander I got for Christmas. They're unopened, so if I should return them for something else, let me know!

Also, I may be able to get a bandsaw for free, but I'm not sure if it's functional as we have yet to try it out. Is a bandsaw necessary?

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Nut files, fret slot saw, router, drill press. Just a couple things off the top of my head.

Thanks, any particular brands/models? I hear STEWMAC is a great place for precision tools, fretting, hardware, and neckwork.
"When words fail, the guitar speaks."
-George Szell
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Where are you located? You can often find used jointers and planers for under 150 bucks on craigslist.

Spirit Lake, IA. I'll give it a look, but I've always been sketched out by used tools.
"When words fail, the guitar speaks."
-George Szell