(kind of critting this as i go, listening to this w/ my over-ear headphones.)

melody around 1:00 ends strangely, but i like it.

also like how the bass has that bit of dirt, makes it cut through the mix nicely while still filling out the low end; creates a contrast to the overall tightness/cleanliness of the mix. i notice that during the bigger parts the clipping especially cuts through, but it's very pleasant sounding to me.

tempo change for the ending was a good idea to close everything up.

chord progression/melodies are really cheesy lol, but i dig it. i think if you hadn't used the clicky, lo-fi-esque drums it would've been too in-the-face, was a good decision imo. overall, gives an enjoyably happy/ambient/uplifting/somewhat dancey vibe

listening again, feedback/resonance at 1:30 is pretty dece. the layering you did on this overall is well done; once again- clean, plenty of space for everything to sit, good use of the stereo image and sounds good in mono.

this crit is a little messy- just wanted to get everything covered instead of spending forever on formatting my post.

if you could check this out, i'd appreciate it immensely: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1632846
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Hey, commenting as I go..

Nice sound effects. I like that intro melody, it does sound like something I've heard before though.
Not a fan of the drums though.

Some of the notes aren't in tune, are you playing this with that slidey thing on a keyboard? Some of it sounds like someone not sliding to the correct note quick enough.

Overall, it's an enjoyable listen, but since it's so repetitive, I can't help but feel like it either needs some vocals, or some chord changes, or some otherwise changes to make it feels less repetitive.

I like the little break you had at about the 3 minute mark, but after that it just goes back to the same thing pretty much, not that it's bad, it's just very repetitive.
It is a nice melody though.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1632815
Hey, you commented on my track a few days ago, I didn't have time to reply until now.

It reminds me of Maplestory and Flyff, MMO games I used to play when I was young. The flute melody and the sweet bells are nice and sweet but a bit corny to be honest.
I like it more when the sound gets deeper around 1:00. I notice that the beats are a bit static, it would've been nice if they were more variated (even just in the volume of each hit, easily done in certain DAWs).
The break is really nice and atmospheric. I was hoping the ending would be different, but it really isn't. It's nice how it's a bit more upbeat but apart from the second melody there's not that much going on.
To be honest, this isn't that great, I'm sorry. It doesn't really grab my attention. It might be that I'm not really into the sounds you used, so that's just a matter of taste. The fact that it reminds me of those games I used to play as a kid is kind of nice though, I'll admit. Nostalgia.
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SOunds very simple at the begining but almost has a...christmas-y vibe with the bells. Then it starts to remind me of something they'd put in old RPG games. I really like the melody going on around 1:00. The audio almost spikes a little around 1:35 but it could jut be my headphones (minor quibble). Back to the repeat of that 'nice' melody. This is a very peaceful track. A little surprised other reviews picked up on the old nostalgic feel. Seriously I want this put in a game hahaha. The bass around the 3 minute mark is nice. Somewhat refreshing, I like the cymbals in the background. I feel like if this was shorter it'd be somewhat better.

I made an electronic song recently that you might want to hear. C4C?
I love the melody in the beginning and the rhythm as well. The melody and sound compliment each other well. At the middle i think the melody should be switched up a bit more at around 2:15. Also I think the song takes too long to change feels. The rise in the beginning leads to what sounds like another rise. Good atmosphere in the buildup and good overall sound mixing and very nice choice for a bridge. I think the instrument for the melody gets a bit overused at the end. Maybe try adding an effect or accompanying it with another instrument. All in all you have a good catchy song that i would like to hear while skating down the street.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1633150
Sigs are for salad tossers.
Good athmosphere! nice use of Synth sounds. There's some good melody ideas as well!
Hey man,

The song sounds quite cheesy (not saying that's bad thing, in certain contexts it could go really well) - it reminded me of Zelda and Christmas for some reason. It's upbeat, melodic and a nice feeling. Would definitely wait till the festive period and pitch it to some adverts, can easily see it in a Christmas advert man.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1635824
Super cheesy. Like a a dairy farm
Decepticons everywhere, decepticons everywhere.