Hi guys,

My band got a new song finished a week ago. This one was written back in 2010 first as an instrumental, but after getting a kick-ass singer aboard we decided to include vocals in it.

This piece was recorded in a living room. We're learning and improving as we go and tips are always welcome, too!

Hopefully some of you find it enjoyable! Let us know what you think.

Hey, commenting as I go.

Straight up, nice riff work. The whole intro is mad, if a little lengthy.

Vocalist has a great voice, sounds a bit like the Dreamtheatre guy. I like the part at 2.10ish, this is some great stuff.

That vocal melody just before 3 minutes is a bit generic, still sounds great.

Great drumming and guitar work throughout, mad solo too, again, very Dreamtheatre.

Overall, loved it, it does feel slightly long, but the guitar work is fantastic, drums are great, and the vocalist is great too, really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. Dat outro.
You can clearly hear a lot of effort has gone into this song.

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You're doing pretty darn good for a home recording. This song is excellently written, love the way the guitar playing is, right up my alley. The vocals are almost perfect, if the guy can put a bit more grit into his voice when he sings louder, it'd be pretty epic. In the mix the vocals are spot on, very impressive.

Unfortunately the youtube player cut out on me around 4 minutes, so I can't listen to the rest of it.

My advice, shorten the intro a bit, was kinda wondering if there was vocals for a while. Record your guitars with more gain, they need more bit to them and it'll help the notes ring out and mesh the song together a bit better.

Also, watch your clipping, especially on the guitars, try and avoid them going over the -1 db range. If you want to get more loudness out of them with clipping them I always like to run a light compressor, that way you don't loose your dynamics.

Good job man, I'm thoroughly impressed.

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This is very reminiscent of Dream Theater in all the right ways. The playing is tight on all parts, your solos are fantastic, and your vocalist is outstanding. The songwriting and structure of everything is all spot-on, the only real suggestion I'd make is adding a little gain to the guitars to really give them that extra oomph. That said, everything sits well in the mix and it all sounds really good. If this is what you guys can do in a living room I'd love to hear what you could do in a studio.

Musicianship is amazing, and you guys keep the music changing and unpredictable, terrific timing changes and very interesting guitar work and progressions. I wish there were a little more identifiable melodies throughout – it was hard to appreciate the vocals because while he is incredibly talented, I felt there were melodies there being missed.

But that’s just a taste thing, and you may want to ignore it – I’m an old school metal/rock guy that always wants a melodic something or other going on with crazy ass music.

You guys freaking rock, and worked your asses off, I can tell. I do not want to understate the level of talent that comes across in your music – I mean **** yeah. All of you guys.

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I dig the main guitar riff. The singer is quite good, he reminds me of Sammy Hagar at times. I like most of the melodies. Nice first lead synth, what is that? Song sounds part 70's/part 80's (fine by me), except the Zakk Wilde guitar harmonic squeal (fine by me). Most all of the playing is tight. Please review my music at this link:

Hi guys,

Thank you all for taking the time listening to the song. The tips and insights are great and maybe we'll be able to improve, thanks to you. We were experimental when it comes to the guitar sounds and I do agree, a bit more gain wouldn't have possibly hurt at all.

Keep up the good work everyone!
Dude. This is really sick. I think the bass drum sounds a little "triggered" to me. But that riffage is insane, and the vocals are seriously impressive! I think it would be nice to hear more of the vocalist though, he has such a good voice.

Everything else sounds sick to me man. You guys are animals on the guitars!

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I like the little off drum part in the beginning it gave the intro a good kick.
The singer's amazing and all, but his voice is too generic for my taste. I think for this type of music the singer should have a distinctive voice (Cynic, Tool, Mastodon) The synthesizer sounds too fitted for a prog rock band than a prog metal band, but that's just me. The lyrics, i really like. Good job, they fit the music. I like the "out of nowhere" synth stab at the end, it gave the ending a cool feel. I think it would've been cool to hear that more in the song. Drums sound awesome, they have a good spot in the mix only thing is when the solo kicked in the snare felt a little too low. Solos melted my face off, i have nothing else to say about them. Tones are all on point. Nice work.

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The guitars would sound better if they weren't as fuzzy as they sound. The drums are way to dry (especially on that snare). They're too 'small' for a song like this. I think the drums could bring a whole lot more to the table if you had a much bigger sound. Nice mix on the bass. Subtle, yet smooth. I do hear a lot of unwanted scratchy noise on those guitar tracks. The vocalist is insane, dude! Great lyrical and melody work. Catchy with a powerful hook (expecially the harsh and high notes hit). Awesome solos! Extremely well-played. Wish I could solo like this. Nice song structure too.

As a whole, this song is incredible. Just tweak the guitar tones to bring out a brighter feel, Widen the drums more for a larger sound, and you're golden!

Thanks again guys for the input! You've certainly given us something to think about for our future recordings which are just around the corner.

I'm still up for C4C action so keep 'em coming!