I spend a lot of time practicing with my korg pandora px4d mainly for it's drum tracks. it's awesome. you pick a style or timing, like 4/4, 8 beats, 16 beats, rock, funk,metal etc. and there's some fills in there too, with multiple rhythms for each option.

you can also pick a key and add a bass in there, and string some of them together. it's a neat little package just for that.

I'm looking for something that I can replace it with on my android or pc, preferably droid. ios might work too.

I've found drum machines and 4 tracks and synths, but I'm really looking for the simplistic pick a rhythm, press a button, and go jam.

can anybody point me anywhere?
I know it might not be what you're looking for but Youtube has some fantastic jam tracks scattered around, especially for blues.

I usually stick to that. I'll run the backing track through my spare guitar amp and then just jam along to them when I need a break from the writing/recording/mixing grind.

Another option is to record some backing tracks of your own or get a loop pedal. I've done both and it's nice being able to target your improvisation practice toward music and chord choices you enjoy.
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I've tried the youtube route, but basically I use the drum tracks on the korg as a metronome. I've found I'm much more likely to practice drills and rhythm to a drum track or a metronome. I know it's not ideal and a straight metronome is better for rhythm. but the drums make it way way more fun, which is what it's about for me.

for all these, you cant set tempo and for the youtube option, that's just too much work, I have very limited time to practice lately and I want to spend it with guitar in hand, not fiddling the youtubes. I want to pop up an app and press go, that's all.