Not what I would call amazing, but a Mosrite Ventures model guitar and a cranked Marshall Plexi and 4x12 with greenbacks
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Johnny mostly used a Mosrite Ventures II (Slab Body Type) Model for the entire Ramones career. Early on he just used the stock pickups but then his blue one was stolen, He bought a white one and then a pickup messed up on it and he replaced the pickups. The Ventures II, I heard, Made the Ramones sound what it is because they're so very easy to play the early Ramones songs on. Barre Chords away.

However, These go for more than $4,000 and up (Usually) these days. It's suspected there are more than 100 in existence but a lot are in Japan.

And, I also heard that Johnny played a regular Ventures model for early recordings.

But, If you're going for a general Ramones sound and aren't about to buy a Mosrite guitar (reissue or not) Hallmark makes some very very close guitars. They're not 100% copies, The pickups are potted and the necks aren't the same size as the original guitars for example and the originals have necks that aren't your usual Stratocaster size of neck; I have a Ventures II (German Carve body type; Same as Mark V in shape) and I was surprised of how thin the neck is at first. Anyway, The Hallmark IIs are $1,000 or so with a hardshell case included.


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when i think of Johnny Ramone, I don't think of fuzz. But a distortion pedal can help you go in the direction of his sound.

maybe start with a Boss DS-1.
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Johnny Ramone got his tone from power amp distortion. Get a Plexi and turn the volume up until it sounds like that. Fair warning, at these volumes you will not want to be in the same room as the speaker cabinet. Yngwie Malmsteen actually had a soundproofed room with a 4x12 in it to run his Marshall heads through when he was playing like this at home.

If you need the sound at reasonable volumes you need to get a clone with power scaling, or a post-phase splitter aster volume, or a variac to starve the amp with. The Bugera 1960 and the Marshall YJM100 have this capability.
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