I've played quite a few, and for $300 they sound more than alright. I'm looking for a backup beater to take to hotels with me for my job and such. I've got a Taylor 414ce that I do not really want to leave the house if it's not for a gig.

The one I'm scoping out is the FGX730S. Does anyone have any horror stories about these, or am I good to grab one? I've got little experience with Yamaha acoustics, figured I'd throw out a line.
jump on it ! i haven't heard a bad thing about that guitar. nice little "beater" guitar( many here would be aghast at that term as Yamahas are pretty highly regarded). that Yammie and a good gig bag would be perfect.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
the FG730 is a darn nice guitar for the price, and nice even when you don't consider the price. imo yamaha owns the $130 to $350 range as to my ear they make the best sounding guitars in the price range. i'm not counting the thin body models like the AP series, but the FGs rock, and the one you're considering is probably my favorite.
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Yamaha are usually good quality, well-made guitars - and that is the case even for the lower priced models.