You said honest opinions, so here goes.

I thought it was decent. I liked the tone of the guitar and the solo. Interesting choice of delay on that rhythm guitar. Turn up the Bass guitar. I could barely hear it at all during some parts but I could tell your bassist was working it. The overall vibe was cool. Kind of Arctic Monkeys meets Modest Mouse with some Pink Floyd vibes.

It needs to be finished though (vocals, most importantly I think), and maybe that's why I get the vibe that this has been done. It didn't have much to differentiate it from anything that hasn't already been done in the mid-late 2000s. Maybe vocals will do that, maybe they won't, but it sounded too much like Arctic Monkeys at one point and another it sounded too much like Modest Mouse. As if the parts were nearly lifted directly from those artists. A vocal melody on top would most likely instantly remedy that.

Just my two cents. Really though, you're on the right track with this (no pun intended). Keep fleshing it out and I'm sure it'll turn into a great tune.
I actually liked this.

I agree with the above user in that it is in dire need of vocals. Something masochistic, but charming in a non-self pitying kinda way.

I thought some of the drum fills in places were a bit overly indulgent, and make the mood a bit disjointed in some instances. That said, I didn't think the mix was all that terrible. It gave it a bit more of a dreamy air about it, which worked atmospherically with the song.