You can`t have the good
Without the bad
You can`t have the sane
without the mad
you can`t have the pleasure
without the pain
you can`t have the fame
without the blame
you can`t have the lose
without the gain
you can`t have the win
without the defeat
All in all lifes a mixed bag
you get what you get.
Hey i know what you mean.
some of my stuff is longer, but i only spend 2 minutes
on each song so they tend to be short.
Although if i`ve said all i want to say, doesn`t matter if it`s short.
but thanks for your comments
Very good, I like it!

I don't think it's a problem that it's short...there are a lot of lyrics that are like 1 verse + chorus repeated, so you can cut it let's say in
You can use the last 2 verses as a sort of chorus which you repeat like 2 times or 3, I don't see why shouldn't it work if you figure out a good song structure.

IMO of course.
i`m only a beginner,so am taking on board all your
comments,many thanks for taking the time to read & comment.