So, recently my songwriting seems to be gravitating towards a blacker type of death metal than before. Generally I try to keep my lyrics in line with the genre, whatever it may be, but also include some esoteric allusions.

My latest track is called Heart of Ammit. Please let me know what you think, and your interpretation of the text (which you will find under the description of the video clip):

Devourer of the Dead
Thank you!

(provide a link to your work and I will return your critique)
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I'm listening to it now, it reminds me of some of the darker Deeds Of Flesh and Nile, the blackened touch works well, I hope to hear something from you again.
Thanks AndrosPsy! There will definitely be more stuff coming out soon!

And to all you others: no one feel like having a little interpretation moment - or do you perhaps think it is obvious…?
@1111belphegor I dont typically listen to this type of music, but this was ****in sweet!!!! As with AndrosPsy, I cant wait to hear something soon.
If you come to Cali, enjoy the weed!
@victor420 Thanks man, really glad you liked it!

No one out there with any views on the lyrics…? I know that lyrics are probably not always regarded as the most important part in this style of music. Still, to me it would be interesting to see how they are perceived.