Hey y'all! Currently an owner of an Epi LP Standard and a Roland Cube 20XL - and was considering the 'upgrade' to an Orange Crush CR60C for small gigs and things of the like.

Was wondering - is it worth the upgrade from a practice-modeling amp like the Cube to a solid-state Orange combo? Already had a shot at CR60C - left with good impressions - but still trying to get a second opinion before I splurge the cash.

Trying to keep costs to a minimum here hence the solid state Orange amp (i know - i know nothing compares to valves)

Out of sheer curiosity (a side question because it's not really an option haha, but still) - would it be a better to save the pennies for a OR15H and a PPC112 cab?

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No way. That's brand new Jet City money.

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aaah cool. sorry 'bout that - didn't see that thread.

budget is about $800 AUD tops; genres to be played would mainly include classic rock - looking for something with british tone.

don't mind buying something used at all - and i'm located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.