Hey all

I just purchased the actual guys guitar in this video


I love his tone and see he is using guitar rig pro.

My issue is I have a line 6 spider III which doesn't have high end sounds.

I would like to sell the amp and perhaps get a small practice amp with separate dedicated effect (preferably with foot switch so I can use live when gigging)

I love the satriani tone generally. looking to spend £150 - £200.

Suggestions much appreciated!
Peavey bandit is a great pedal platform and it is fairly cheap.

Look at Joyo and Tonerider pedals since your in the UK. A used Line 6 M5 would also be a great option and they run 100ish used. They have an enormous number of modeled pedals(great modeling also) but you can only use 1 at a time.

A used Bugera V22 would be really nice also
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What you really need is a new amp.

It'd be nice if you could find yourself a used peavey vypyr tube 60, which already comes with all sorts of funny effects, plus the amp models.
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Thanks for your response.

Would be interested to have a view different views.

Anyone else?
if you have room for another amp you can get a jet city from thomann for not much more than £200. the 20 watt high gain combo, for example, is only £230. (probably factor in a little extra for being ripped by your credit card and for a UK kettle lead) http://www.thomann.de/gb/jet_city_amplification_jca2212_guitar_combo.htm ideally could eventually use a speaker swap (~£50 for an eminence v12), but even without one will be orders of magnitude better than trying to fix your current situation with pedals. a boost pedal wouldn't hurt with it either (boss sd1 would work great, £39, or for even cheaper a bad monkey or similar), but much like with the speaker, not absolutely necessary and even without it should still do what you want.
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The multi-FX pedals/units are still the cheapest way to add decent FX to any rig. A used Pod XT bean will run about $80-90.

You can buy used FBV Express or Shortboards for them if you want to play out and need stompability. You may already have one for your Spider. While you're at it, you might try running your Spider into a really good set of headphones or, better yet, into someone's really good PA system direct. You may be really surprised at what the Spider is capable of that you don't hear now because the power system and speaker aren't up to the task.
I'm sure the Spider sounds much better through headphones, and that would give you something to run a nicer processor through.

I personally don't like processors as much. There's no time for that shit. Especially playing live, there's so many factors in where your playing and such. Even in my apartment, sometimes something is off and now you want me to go searching through menues so I can turn the highs down without it sounding off still.

I didn't watch the video but there's plenty of cheap tube amps, especially used, and you canget a couple Danelectro or Joyo pedals real cheap. Its not much more than your current budget.
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Thank you for your responses

My Spider III doesn't not have any outputs - not even a headphone out. It only has a 1/8 MP3 input

Yea I have the FBV pedal board which has a wah pedal built in.

I'm just after some better quality sounds - Peavey amps look interesting though - will investigate further
If you want Satriani tones on a budget, look for a used Peavey JSX Mini-Colossal these sound good and are pretty cheap used.
2002 PRS CE22
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