G'day ladies and gents!

My recently acquired KV-3 (mij) has an after-market LoPro (Vai sig) tremolo unit. The guy that sold me the guitar said he had it setup by a pro, frets surely seem shiny.

However I am not sure about the setup of the trem. Reading up on it, the LoPro needs to have the knife-edge perpendicular to the trem posts...which is hard as f@ck to judge because the knife-edge is barely visible from an angle. Right now it could be around 20 degrees off. How do I estimate the correct placement?

The LoPro also seems to have limited pull-up range (about one whole step), in comparison to a normal floyd. Could that be because of the current setup or the tremolo unit? When I pull down the tremolo to the position that seems to be correct (edge perpendicular to the posts), the pitch drops about 3 semitones.

Moreover, the locking nut is the wrong one (about 1mm longer than the neck). I can't seem to find which one is the correct one (42mm maybe? which model is that? )

Yes, I've read his tutorial, next to some other ones.

How about the nut? Do we know the width of the neck on Jackson KVs?
There is a line/notch on the side of the base plate. You want that to be flat level/parallel with the body. You don't have to look at the actual knife edge to set it level.

you can see the notch clearly here,
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