Hey guys, I've just been browsing the internet for some guitar gear. I am into rock and metal. My current gear includes a spectrum mock stratocaster, a start caster amp, a line 6 spider iv 15 watt amp, and a bbe gain pedal. Any suggestions for pedals around $30?
What you really need is a new amp.

No, seriously, the next thing you wanna do is saving up and getting a new amp.
Plus, $30 will not even get you a joyo pedal.
You may get some strings or a clip on tunes which people find helpful, though I never really had one nor I ever felt the need of getting one.
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I'm assuming you're just starting to learn. The best advice is to not waste your money on anything for a long time yet. Keep saving until you develop a style, then buy a new amp.
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save your money until you know this is what you want and you can play decently

i'd then try to upgrade both your guitar and amp at the same time.

See, some people say that you always need a new amp first. I find that if I have a guitar I absolutely hate, I can't play at all. Even if it's a shitty amp, I can still play unplugged.
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psh metronomes are pointless just use click tracks while performing live!

But seriously, a looper will make you infinitely better. Loopers have made me better at keeping time that a metronome. You must make yourself in time if you're looping. A metronome just tells you to stay in time, whoopdeedoo
Plus, you can play with yourself and hear yourself and your mistakes.


(sorry bishop, that's my stance )
I don't really need a metronome; I am a much better percussionist than guitarist, and have become proficient in keeping time, but thanks for the recommendation.