Big Muff and a whammy pedal and you are pretty much halfway there. Use google if you want an exact list of gear
Either an old Silvertone amp or a Fender Twin Reverb. His White Stripes stuff uses a basic EHX Big Muff + Digitech Whammy combination. He uses a POG for his tone of stuff like "Blue Orchid." He also has a boutique fuzz octave pedal called the Bumble Buzz which gives him the tone that he uses for the solo on "I'm Shakin'" on his solo album.
White Stripes Jack White I have had some success running a MXR Micro Amp infront of an EHX Big Muff thought a Fender Excelsior about two years ago. Wasn't into the Whammy stuff, but I believe it's on his board like UniformRecon states. Also, I got the Airline Vintage Single Coil pickups which also helps I think.
Epi G400 '66 Reissue
w/ Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups
Don't post junk like this. Give us some information about your current gear, budget, and goals. Otherwise this is just a crappy version of google.