I personally think they're terrible lol. They **** up the mids really bad and all you can hear is bass. And I feel like the people who crank the bass and are obsessed with it are kinda douchey lol. Plus what's the point in getting 200 dollar headphones, so they can get stolen? Lmao seriously, almost everyone I know who has bought Beats headphones has gotten them stolen lol!!!

Please tell me that none of you use them...
At work I won a pair and thought to myself I should just take it back to best buy and get a ps3 and pay the difference and so I did. Personally Im cool with a simple pair of skull candy
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Bass is really bad for your hearing in headphones, especially small ones.

That's why you should use catfish instead.

Also lol I'm way too poor to ever over-indulge on headphones
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You wouldn't even have money to buy them because you spend it all on ganja

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Also I believe that many regular studio headphones have a bass response lower than beats, which is kinda funny. These other companies don't even advertise that, because it's considered almost a standard feature.

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