All the moneys goin` out
Nothings coming in
Ain`t nothing unusual
The way it`s always bin
Work so hard
Six days a week
No sign......the good life
No sign.......relief
All the moneys going out
Nothings coming in
They say that money talks
well it does......with a grin
My money talks
All it says is
Bye...bye..bye...bye.... SUCKER
This sounds like a good chorus for a song. I agree with curtis, though needs more.
good work, look a beat short, what kind of music do you think it is going to be?
Thanks for you comments very much appreciated.
I do write heaps of stuff,90 in the last 10 weeks
so they tend to be real quickies 2 minutes from start to finish.
If i got more to say i say it & it`s longer.
Another person said this to me,my reply was a song.
i called it One Two Three
One song Two minutes Three chords
If it`s good enough
for Buddy Holly
It`s good enough for me.