You are going to have to be way more specific than that. What sort of gear? Guitars, amps, effects? Electronics, woodwork, metalwork, painting? Come on, give us some sort of clue lol.

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judging by your other thread you want to know to mod a pedal. but by this thread, I get that you know nothing about modding a pedal. Makes me believe you dont know how to read a schematic either. which begs the question, why do you want to mod a random "easy to mod" pedal? is it for the sake of modding?

anyway, modifying gear, such as a pedal, involves desoldering, soldering, and reading a schematic. to read a schematic, you need to know what each part in the schematic is and preferably know what they do, which takes quite a bit of studying.

one mod that doesnt require much knowledge is a tubescreamer mod which is simply switching out the IC for another one. Some TS9 models have meh ICs, some have noisy ICs. Modders have different preferences on this and have their own favorite IC to put in their tubescreamer. this should be a simple enough mod for the person who doesnt know anything about modding. But if you want to really get into modding your own gear, I suggest you learn some electronics theory.
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