Me (a guitarist and vocalist) and my drummer have just moved to a bigger city and have been looking for a bassist or singer or keyboardist that can join our band and fill out our sound. It has been about 2 months, maybe 3, but we have not found someone who will stick around. We are both just itching to play live and I was wondering if a 2 person band would be booed off stage? The problem I have is that our music is very 80's Rock centric so, as the singer and guitar player, we lose certain melodies and almost all the guitar solos from the music we had written. We are an original band btw.

My question is - Should we wait to find that 3rd person to join the band? Or should we just bite the bullet and play as a 2 piece?
My favorite bands are 2 player bands. White Stripes, Old Black Keys, and Local H.

It can be done. I, for some reason, prefer the simplicity of these sound. But I never thought of 80's rock as a simple sound either (I dislike 80's rock, but respect the talent of the era).
It sounds to me like you are confident and competent enough to accomplish this task. Just worried you'll be booed off the stage.

It would be worth a shot I think. Just have thick skin going in. Who knows, maybe you might enjoy the "stripped down" sound of your 2 piece?
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If you sound bad, get a third player. If it sounds ok, go ahead and play. What's the issue, do you not know if you are good or bad?
Best Power Duos

Sunn O))) (Guitar/Bass)
Om (Bass/Drums)
The White Stripes (Guitar/Drums)
The Black Keys (Guitar/Drums)

It can be done but sonically it is limiting since one of the rhythm instruments (bass/drums) is most likely to be left out, unless you are playing drone metal.

I still think the Power Trio is the ultimate rock band format, but live you will be limited if you create a song with more instruments than can be played live, unless you are Rush. A good example is ELP's Lucky Man, since Greg Lake played acoustic guitar and bass on the studio version they had to re-arrange it to play it live. This is why bands like Boris, Green Day, and Nirvana have/had touring guitarists.
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Best Power Duos

Sunn O))) (Guitar/Bass)
Om (Bass/Drums)

Barn Owl are also a duo and well look at them. Death From Above 1979 also. The way I see it, if you can't make it work, you seriously need to invest in learning how to.

You could also buy an EHX Freeze to add a layer of thickness, or a looping pedal or two. EITS-esqe post-rock could probably be done by a two man band if he had a few loopers.
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I've never seen anyone booed off stage.

People dont boo bands they just leave.
Suicide did.
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Youtube... black box revelation. I had never heard of them until I saw them as an opening act for Janes Addiction. They kicked ass live and their guitarist is like a single man walk of sound.
Thanks for all the replies fellas! I guess we will take some extra time to find a bass player! I dig the power trio too! I love ZZ Top! Simply adding a 3rd member to our sound makes it sound amazing. Our problem is getting commited musicians who will keep showing up to practice ya know?

Anyways I really appreciate the feedback!
My 2 cents. For the genre of music you want to play I would definitely suggest more members. I immediately think of a keys player for all the synths, strings, and leads in 80s rock. Maybe Im biased because I am a keys player.

Key players are versatile and with a good instrument could almost fill-in any instrument. No offense intended. But I've seen great key players tackle bass lines and even drums like champs.

Ultimately, as someone stated, if you sound good already... ROCK ON!
It's sounds like you and your mate have unreasonable expectations from the bassist that you do not have. I'm not exactly sure how they don't match your sound if you don't have a sound.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
80s rock needs a bassist. Without a bassist you won't sound big/full enough for 80s style rock. The bassist doesn't need to be the best player because most of the time in 80s rock the basslines are pretty simple. Just try to find somebody who wants to play in a band.

What have you tried to do to find a bassist? I'm sure there are lots of bassist in a "bigger city".
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