Hi all -

I recently got a Behringer TU300 tuner and have added it to a very basic pedal board rig.
I generally play acoustic, and my washburn acoustic guitar doesn't have an active pickup, but a bridge pickup with out a preamp which I then plug into a Behriner VTone pedal to give it a boost. But my tuning pedal just doesn't like my acoustic - it never picks up the notes as if it can't hear the guitar - my electric works absolutely fine.

I would normal think that there's an issue with the signal level coming from the acoustic, but the vtone seems to be doing a great job and there's never an issue with getting a good volume level into a pa via the di feed or amp.

So why does my tuner hate my acoustic?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Have you tried plugging the tuner directly into the acoustic? Maybe the acoustic's battery needs to be replaced?
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Does the tuner work with anything that you have? I have two or three tuners (Boss and Korg) and they all work fine with all my guitars. It's possible the tuner just isn't capable of amplifying the signal enough to detect the frequency of the note.
might not be enough power from the guitar like said.

increase volume on guitar,
try fret the Low E at the 5th fret when tuning.
try a direct line or external mic on tuner if it has one.
use a free app tuner if you have an iphone.

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Do the levels sound the same coming out of the tuner if you send that to an amp? Like others said, set the acoustic to have max output and try it direct. If you use a pedal boost, try not to let it distort or clip (which adds more harmonic content that might confuse the tuner). Also, is it that the tuner doesn't pick up any notes or just the low E string for example?

Make sure the battery or supply are new in both guitar and tuner (it could be that the tuner gets funky when the battery is marginal). At least you can rule out the power supplies.

I switched to a clip on Snark myself. Cheap and easy to read and I find that it gives the best tracking of anything I have. Fast response and not sluggish or jittery because it tracks too fast. I occasionally use other things that have built in tuners, but usually go for a snark first.