hello, I'm still searching my way around the forum, as this is my first post

I don't know if this is the right place for jams, cause I'm not going to post a song, but just a jam I played, to say hello for the first time

all comments are encouraged

I love jam songs so I was eager to listen. It sounds good for the most part. Good quality and I like the drum track and the fills. But yeah it def needs a bass line. I was about to say u should add in like a hook or riff for structure but then your solo really expanded and sounded sick at 1:55. Thats pretty trippy/catchy. I just wish you rode on that more or something like it or returned to it later. Your phrasing for soloing is natural and fluid, nice tranisiton with the chord progression at the end. It sounds a little awkward until around the 4th chord. maybe its a little out of tune since u "wankfested" your guitar for almost 4 minutes. Again, great job and I look foreward to hearing more jams!

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