Commenting as I go.

The background music is alright, does drone on a bit, at times it sounds out of tune or not fretted properly, but it's alright.

Props for the subject topic, it's not something a lot of people talk about for some reason.
Very honest. Good to see someone coming out and putting it all out there.

Have you been saying those exact words for the last 3 years, or do you improvise what you say each time? I know you improvise trumpet when you do it live, it's not made clear whether what you say is improvised though, just curious.

Keep up the good work. Hope it all stays good for you.

C4C? - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1632815
my guitar was damaged quite badly (because i'm a dumbass) and although i managed to repair it (sanded/glued it and resprayed, etc), i haven't been able to get the intonation quite right. tbh i have to redo the electronics every 6 months, right now i have no idea quite how it's working...

the guitar/vox was recorded a few years back and is probably a bit stale. if i had the opportunity i would probably fix the timing and improve the phrasing.

anyways, thanks for commenting. it's an important subject to talk about, and for people to be aware of.