I don't really know about the quality of that trem, but make sure you do research to make sure that it will fit in the cavity. I looked into replacing my Edge III at one point and there are a lot of trems that won't fit. I don't know which they are, but it is something you should look into.
i did this on my old ibanez rg
the only bridge that will fit in perfectly withuot any drilling or anything is the edge pro

its a pretty good bridge and stays in tune great provided its set up correctly
If I get a decent bridge would I be able to get a local music store to set it up for me? Because all I'm seeing for the edge pro is mixed reviews, and it's hard to find one new. And if so, which bridge? And is an OFR really that good to warrant the massive price of that thing. Because if it is I may just have to get one of those.