Hey all i just want to share with whom ever may listen, some of the stuff that comes out of my brain - in to my hands - through my guitar - into a recording - and then finally the internet. so heres a link to to some of my works in progress on sound cloud. making some of this stuff is all just for fun and is always a work in progress. enjoy!

Commenting as I go - My Song 7.

I like the guitar, simple little chords being picked, sounds nice.
The quality of the recording needs a little work though.

Sounds super lo-fi. That distorted guitar sounds like it's peaking the whole time.
Nice melodies though. Sometimes you aren't fretting properly though, and it's noticeable.
The build up from 3.30 onwards drags on a bit.

Overall, I enjoy this kind of stuff, and I do like this track. It could really benefit from a better recording though.

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yea dude i agree with you on everything you just said, i kinda need to revisit that recording, i had recorded that for my band to see if they wanted to go forward with making that into a song so i only spent a little while recording it. as for the build goes i wanted to make it take you into space, and i think if it were done more properly with less digging in and some drums it could do just that. thanks for listening