I know that both pedals are great choices. I am looking for a pedal that I can put in front of a pretty clean amp. Usually on these threads there are multiple people saying to put an OD in front of the amp but my amp is an AC15 and I just want a pedal that makes it so I can have a modern sound with my band. I want a really tight pedal. I was also wondering if you use the boost with a lower gain with the contour up if it has kind of a vintage fuzz sound that would be usable?


Other suggestions welcome as well.
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Check out amptweaker Tight Metal &Pro pedals. Bogner Red pedal can also do modern gain nicely (I found the uberschall pedal lackluster to be honest). Then there is AMT and their preamp simulator pedals (they have Diezel, Peavey, ENGL etc etc just pick one), who will also be the cheapest (if budget is an issue).