Hey guys so i don't play acoustic much but i picked one up a while ago and i want to start playing it more and take a little break from electric guitar. i picked up a 200$ Yamaha and it seams as if the bridge is super high. what is the recommended height for the bridge? and also should i change out the strings considering it has the stock ones on there? and what strings should i be getting? Any tips or help is welcome!
If you're asking, then you should probably change the strings. Don't wait for them to turn black or break. You don't need to replace them all the time either though.

Before lowering the bridge, put new strings on, the kind that you'll plan to keep using for a while. Let the strings and neck settle (overnight perhaps) and then really go about setting your string height.

You can look on the net for what the string height *should* be. You'll likely need a gauge to measure them accurately. But in the end, you need to use your playing style to make some tradeoffs. If you want to play fast and can keep from banging the strings too hard, and if you can tolerate a tiny bit of buzz, just keep lowering them until the buzz gets too bad for your tastes. Or, set the action a little higher than that so you can play sort of hard and get no buzz. It's common for new guitars to have the bridge too high. I guess they assume people will be more mad if they hear any buzz when they try it...
String height: There is no real "standard" height for the saddle/bridge. If the action (string height) is too high, take it in to a store to have it adjusted. It may cost you about $30ish, but they'll be able to adjust it properly as there's more to deal with than just the height of the saddle. They may have to adjust the neck angle, nut slot height and saddle height.

Strings: That's really up to you. If you don't like how it sounds, change it. If it looks or feels dirty and you don't like it then just change it.
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FG700S ? it might just be the shock of changing from the super-low action on your electric. some string height adjustment may be necessary. if you slide an american or canadian quarter under the strings at the 12th fret, the strings should be just barely above it.
love the yammie lower end guitars for what you get. good, solid quality. only drawback is that they ship with really crappy strings.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)