Hi All,

I have decided to ditch the amp and go for a HD500x into a powered speaker that can be used for either guitar or to plug a bass guitar into, for home use (though would like to get back into playing live)

Looking at spending ~$1000 AUD give or take, and have been looking at things like:
Yamaha DRX12
JBL PRX615M (I understand this has been discontinued and may be difficult to find)

I know there are cheaper options out there such as - JBL EON Series, Alto TS112A, Mackie Thump and few others.

So, are the cheaper options worth looking into further ? Or should I just get the best I can afford ? Instinct is telling me to get the best I can afford and not to skimp. Would appreciate your views (as opposed to a salesmans view) as to whether there is a justifiable difference between more expensive speakers and some cheaper options.

Thanks for any thoughts
If it's just for home use, you could just get a nice pair of monitors and plug the POD directly into the PA system when gigging.

How 'bout a couple Mackie HR824?

Or am I missing something?
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I think the JBL EON is a popular choice among the boards from what ive seen. The Mackie thump seems pretty good too and ive seen them on guitar centers used website for around $150.00, so whatever that eqauls out to AUD.

Ive played direct many times at practice and at gigs a few times with my Flextone 2 head which has a direct feature. Its worked great, given me consistent tone and able to keep the stage volume down but hear yourself just fine with the monitors.

However i find unless you have a consistent sound guy whose got your setup down its always probably a good idea to provide your own monitoring setup, which is where the powered monitor comes in. Ive seen guys use a small tube amp, keyboard amp etc for similar application.

But back to the OP question all those brands are good and will do the job fine. It will work good for home practice and when your ready to get back on stage you will be prepared with what you need.
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Thanks for the input. Sounds like I am on the right track with powered speakers to look at. Will also give a bit of thought to powered monitors as suggested as well - but think I would prefer to head down the powered speakers - that way if I do play love again I shouldnt have to spend again on speakers.