A man retreated to the mountains in search of peace. he observed the cold and thought

as cold is the absence of heat so death is the absence of life

he pulled his coat tighter and walked on, until he arrived at an overlook. he observed the valley below and proclaimed

perception is reality, what is this beauty without an eye to behold it?

the man climbed down toward the paradise. on the narrow path he stumbled over bones and rusting weapons of war. he came across the remains of a wealthy combatant
surrounded by many enemy corpses, upon which he reflected

one must face reality with no fear, and fight every battle as if it were the last

when he arrived in the valley a river ran beneath his feet. the water was clear and pure. there was a small family of deer on the opposite bank. the fawn was just a few days old and still weak. he smiled as the mother licked its head and he said to himself

life is a precious, pure stream of wonder and though it slows and meanders at times, and rages and breaks at others, every drop is invaluable

now the man was weary and wished for shelter and sleep. he spotted a nearby cave and built a fire neat the mouth. he cooked some food and ate quietly cognizant of the stillness surrounding him. he curled up inside sometime later and drifted off...

in his dream he was flying through space with no need for air or anything else. he could feel the atoms and molecules of the universe brushing over his skin as he collided with their respective trajectories. in the distance a planet was approaching. as it neared all the visible light separated into many fragments of incalculable splendor. he could feel his very soul vibrating...

he awoke with a lingering thought

I am