Hi! I'm using Guitar Rig 5 with Reaper, and got my guitar plugged into a mixer (Behringer Xenyx 1204 USB). I got headphones in the phones jack and a Yamaha HS7 (yes, only one) in the Main Ouput connected with an XLR cable as monitor. The thing is, I get the clean sound in my monitor all the time, but no matter what I try I can't get the wet(?) sound at all. I'm guessing that the clean sound doesn't even travel through my computer and back to the mixer, but goes straightly to the monitor from the mixer. I can record my processed sound in Reaper and listen to it, but I can't "monitor" it as I play in real time. Through my active monitor, that is.. In my headphones it works like a charm. Isn't it possible to play and hear the disted sound in real time through Guitar Rig with my setup? And if so, I guess I'd have to block out the clean sound as well but I have no idea how to do that either.

Sorry if my explaining was bad. Complete noob in this area, but I appreciate any help or tips!

You don't hear the clean sound coming from guitar rig, you hear the clean sound coming from the guitar, so you basically either have stuffed plugged in the wrong way or don't have the input monitoring active in your daw.

Check the input monitoring, and also check if the mixer is able to send signals from the computer to the master output.

Worst case, you plug the HS7 into the headphones output of your mixer.

Oh wait maybe you just have the wrong output chain in reaper - check that too.
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i just pulled up the manual, and it looks like the mixer can both send and receive a stereo track via USB. you have to make sure you have the "2-TR/USB TO MAIN" button selected. the rest is setting it up correctly so your output of Reaper goes to the mixer. you have to set the I/O so that the main mix goes out to the mixer and not to your speakers for your computer. shouldnt be tough to set up.

i am going to guess that it wont sound great, since you will probably get both the dry and wet signals coming out of your speaker.
Thanks for the answers. This is were I am now: When I hit the "USB to Main"-button, I get a good sound from the DAW or whatever in main ouput (the monitor), but when that button is pressed, I can't get a input signal from the guitar to my DAW or Guitar Rig. When I don't have that button pressed I get a input signal, but no sound through the main mix. So the dilemma seems to be that I need the "USB to main mix" button pressed in order to get the output sound through the monitor, but then the mixer won't let the input signal through to my computer.

I have the mixer as both Input and Output in my DAW, running with ASIO Driver, so there's not much I can change there. And yes, I have the monitoring button pressed in my DAW as well. I can record the wet sound, press "Usb to main mix" and then listen to it in my monitor, but I cannot actually monitor the sound as I play. Crappy mixer or wrong settings somewhere?

Edit: Read from several posts and articles that this mixer has been used for live performances over and over, so I guess what I'm trying SHOULD work.?

Thanks again
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