This is probably going to sound weird but I have tried everything I can think of and nothing fixes it.

I have a drum mix, containing multiple snare tracks (mono) which I have sent to a snare bus (also mono). The snare bus, along with every other drum track, is being sent to a master drum bus (stereo). The snare bus is also being sent to a reverb aux, which is in turn being routed to the master drum bus.

Anyway, I hit play and I can hear everything fine, the mix sounds good. Once I bounce it however, the bounced file plays back as if all the snare tracks/buses are muted, and I can only hear the snare in the overheads.

I have tried changing the routing around but nothing seems to work, and it all appears to be correct. The thing confusing me is that if it was a routing issue then this should show up before I come to bounce it.

Any advice? I can provide screenshots if needed but hopefully this is enough info!