Played piano as a kid, so I know scales and how chords are formed. But then I started playing guitar and stopped playing piano and stopped studying theory. As a guitarist I was limited for a long time by bar chords and pentatonic scales. Recently though, I have broken out of the box and been using lots of different 6 and 7 note scales, using passing notes, and outside notes. I am loving it. Playing is so much more fun.

The limitation now, I feel, is that I am just memorizing new patterns, figuring out a tonic to resolve to, and then just dancing in around in the scale. Not really understanding the functions of different notes, scales, chords.

I hear a lot of statements along the lines of "don't just pick a scale, look at the chords and go from there." I don't really know what to make of that.

Basically I am looking for lessons that will:
-help me move past simply playing the notes of a certain scale
-and better understand how lead playing and chords work together

Hope that makes some sense. Thanks in advance.