Hey, i'm working on a solo album called "Frozen Light". It's gonna be an acoustic/electric deal. Something like Electric Tears by Buckethead and this is an acoustic clip of one of the tracks. There is a lead part but i'm not so good at video editing to add a second guitar in the sound. Well tell me what you think and i'll comment on whatever you have to show me. Thank you!

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This is a very peaceful song, sounds like something Dave Grohl would sing over. I feel like the chorus mite be a little bland tho with just the chords and that it rlly needs a lead part to go over those chords. I really like the melodic riff, its nice to return to. Maybe if you can recreate a similar riff for the chorus itd sound a lot better. Since theres only these two parts I def recommend you add more to it because its def good/workable material.

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Nice man! I like the intro riff. There were a couple transitions that you missed/were late on that I noticed (I can point them out if you'd like). But other than that it sounds great! And you kept good tempo with your picking hand which makes that riff sound all the better. The strumming is spot-on and the chord transitions are smooth, nice work there. I like how around 1:20 you change mood, adds depth to the song. I think things would come together even better if you referenced the first chorusy part though (strumming part). I feel like that would just tie it all together nicely.

Great work man. I'm impressed with your picking ability on that acoustic. Wish I could do that
Honestly, having those chords/chord-choices for the chorus suit the song much. You could do a lot to play off from the verse melodies. If vocals were to go over this, that part might work and make more sense to me, but it doesn't fit imo. Sounds like two different songs mashed together. You have a nice and accurate picking technique. Well done.

Other than having the song sounding like two separate pieces, it's smooth. I was impressed with your picking. Maybe different chorus chords, or even chords and riffs mixed in too would work much better. Not bad, dude.

Thanks for the crit too!
I really like the intro. Your picking part caught my attention and it was fun to listen to. Got a slight RHCP vibe from it, don't ask why because I don't know either! The strumming on the other hand wasn't that interesteing anymore and you seem to be stronger on the picking side of things. Anyways, nice stuff! And thanks for the crit.