I'd appreciate some feedback on this website idea I've been working on:

Simply put, it's just a tone site with the idea that users should link the gear they've used recording the clip. E.g. you upload your tone clip, type in gear based on category (eg. Effects pedal -> Suhr Riot). It's basically hash tags put simpler form.

Same idea can be used in search where you can type in exactly the type of tone combination you want to hear. Search with your search terms, select the categories and appropriate gear and find the clip you want.

There's not much content right now and it's just trying out the idea, but I've uploaded a few clips (just search "ibanez", most of my gear revolves around that).

Anyway, I would really appreciate all the comments on the site.
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if you could also include a section on getting tone to sound like the tone of some song or some guitarist it would be very useful (ie how to sound like eddie van halen, etc. given a variety of different common gear)
I never really thought of it like that, it's an idea to think though. Basically you can upload soundclips and just label it "here's your Van Halen tone". Select the gear you've used and write something about the settings in the description.
I like the concept a lot. I do think it is key that each piece of equipment is a hash tag. Maybe make it so the community contributes by making the hash tags for you, and you just approve them as people make them. Then they are searchable.

And i think people should be able to post whatever tones they like; whether it is their version of an EVH tone, or just their own unique sound. When they post it, they attach the appropriate hash tags (in a signal chain order) into the following categories: guitar->pedal(s)->amp->fx loop->cabinet->recording means (drop down menu: close mic, room mic, direct, ect)-> microphone (if applicable)->interface
The hashtags that are added to these categories should also have text fields attached to them where you can state the settings used for the piece of gear. Also a miscellaneous section might be good where you can say what cables, picks, slides, attenuators, post processing, ect that you used.

You should be able to search for names of tones that people would have uploaded (i.e. EVH tone, Metallica tone ect) or search by any tones that use specific pieces of gear (for example, a specific tubescreamer), or search for tones that use combinations of gear (a specific tubescreamer with an Engl Savage through a diezel cab)

I would totally participate in a website like that. I think if it was set up intuitively, the community would do most of the work for you
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Users can already upload soundclips and add hash tags at their will. The only limitation to the hash tags are the categories you must choose. An example of adding hash tags:
1) upload the clip
2) determine gear
-> Amplifier = Mesa Boogie Mark V
-> Guitar = Ibanez RG2570
-> Pedal = some random flanger etc.

This is just an example run but you can add all the gear you've used. If a gear doesn't already exist, it is automatically created on the site. I've not considered signal chain so far, however. You CAN describe it in description section however, this is where I planned users would write down their settings and everything that doesn't suit any category.

This isn't my day job so it's a little rough on the edges but it's a fun project to work on Any feedback and improvement ideas are welcome.
There's some updates on the site now

1) anonymous upload for demoing the site (somewhat restricted of course)
2) Facebook comments

Time span on these updates is quite something but I do this whenever I got the spare time and energy after work

I would appreciate any feedback or bug reports.