Hey guys,

Let me start off with a brief recount of what I've been in trouble with in order for you's to help my situation. Yesterday I picked up some free gear; a Roland MT 120s Digital Sequencer and Sound Module, a Roland Digital Piano FP-1, and a Fender KXR 100 amp. All in perfect working condition.

Disregarding the amp (unless it's necessary) the previous owner mentioned that the Sequencer could be connected with the Digital Piano and used to record tracks onto floppy disks, although the Sequencer does have inbuilt memory so I'm not bothered about the disks for a while.

I've been trying to put this in motion but I've hit a dead end (when it comes to my knowledge or LACK of knowledge). I've hooked each equipment up and tried to record roughly 10 seconds of piano just to understand the concept of how the Sequencer works, so then I can properly lay down some material. The piano does come through the Sequencers inbuilt speakers although when I (try to) record the piano and play it back to see if it works, nothing comes out. The recorded track is blank. I'm not sure if this is a mix-up of the way I've laid out the inputs/outputs. Except I've obviously achieved something if sound is being heard through the Sequencer whether I've got the piano hooked up or my guitar.

This is where I need YOU! I'm aware this gear is very old, although that only means to me that it should be easier to get working assuming older technology is more basic. I've looked up the Sequencers original User Manual, but it got me no where. Briefly mentions how to insert a floppy disk and how to check your piano is in tune. It has no information regarding the recording process or even the inbuilt sounds. I've tried YouTube, and yet again nothing is helping me. Only videos of peoples recordings being played, not the actual process.

If anyone has any of this gear and knows how it works, I would greatly appreciate a sense of direction, or anyone that is experienced in this area. (hopefully I've got the right section of the forum too)

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I'm not certain what you're asking... exactly.

If you just want to record the FP-1 alone, use the stereo line outs directly to your recording interface.

If you're attempting to record to a floppy with the sequencer... the instructions are right there in the PDF from Roland. Make sure you follow all the directions including formatting the disk with the sequencer prior to use.