Hey everyone,
I'm having some trouble with my Amp and the pedal board. I recently bought the following pedals:

Wampler Ego Compressor
Wampler Paisley Drive
Vox Wah Wah
TC Electronics flashback delay
TC Electronics hof reverb

Essentially i've got a DR Z Maz 38 NR with 2 1x12 Cabs. The amp works fine, Amp line to Guitar but when i connect the pedals up i begin to get issues. i've connected the reverb and delay into the FX Loop and the other pedals into the Input. At current i'm running all the pedals off new 9v batteries. And i'm having issues:

Firstly the pedals in the effects loop seem to be intermittent and come and off and sometimes I hear a high pitched whistling sound through speakers while they're cutting out. I'm just wondering if this is the battery's or not.

Secondly, the overdrive pedal seems to work completely fine sometimes and then other times i will engage it and the amp will stop producing sound, as soon as i disengage it the amp sometimes works and other times doesn't. It is almost like it's stealing power from the amp when I engage it but it doesn't happen all the time. Again i'm just wondering if this is a battery problem and i should invest in power adaptors or not. The other pedals seem to work fine without any issues.

Any assistance would be great as i'm a little confused, all of these pedals and cables are brand new.


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Yes, sounds like a bad cable.
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Could be bad switches.

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Another thing to try would be to test all your pedals individually or disassemble your chain and then reassemble it one by one in the same order. So start with no pedals, then add the 1st pedal in the chain into it. If everything works fine add the 2nd pedal and test again. Keep doing that until you get problems again then you know that either you need a different order or your have a dodgy pedal